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Lighting Control Center Project
Lighting Control Center Project

Applying GIS technology, The technology is used to connect control network :
Existing lighting network will be connected to be controllable network, the structure is distributed as follows :
- The center is formed, including: one Local Area Network to control, inspect and manage every light-point outside the center at anytime of the system when the system execute control task. The Local Area Network at center is connect and control to each management partition of existing lighting system through Internet line.
- Internet transmission system used two technologies transmitted via telephone lines:
   • Use ADSL technology ( Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ) – This transmission technology is used for control partition that have ADSL transmission line – The partitions including District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…
   • Use normal telephone line to dial and connect to control center – This transmission technology is used for control partition that doesn’t have ADSL transmission line (Cần Giờ District). If in executing period, Can Gio District has ADSL transmission line, we will change to use ADSL technology Control cabinet.

-    At control partition outside the center:
Each control partition of existing lighting system is formed control structure, including: 1 area cabinet for area partition (ITD or ETD); ITD is used for Internet transmission line with ADSL technology and ETD is used for normal telephone transmission line with function: receive control command from center and send to the address of Local
Control Unit (Abbr: UCL) and receive information of UCL to send to center. UCL has the function: receive command from Area Cabinet to send to UDC (Light Control Unit) and take information from UDC to send to Area Cabinet. Area Information Transmit system use existing lighting power line, use PLC transmit technology (Power Line Carrier – use 50Hz power wave to be carrier wave). Use DCM or UTR to connect between UCLs. (DCM is used for the places where lighting grid can be dragged adjacent to each other, UTR is used for the places where lighting grid can not be dragged adjacent to each other)

With above technique-technology, HCM city will have a modern control center which can know public lighting status everywhere at any time, have the system information to set up a procedure to deal with all problems, failures effectively. Not only in public lighting, but also in every other fields, good management almost bases exact, uptime and complete information.

Above submission system is the only system in all over the world that can know exactly public lighting status every light points at any time.

Beside direct economic advantages from power saving, maintenance managements saving,… this control center system can increase public lighting management’s quality. This is an important thing because the current trends in the world public lighting has become a criterion of urban life’s quality, especially in tropical countries where the nightlife is considered important.

This is also a part of City’s view (such as: “Paris- Lighting capital”) and attract a lot of tourists. Weak in public lighting will involve to a stoppage in travel because of security reason. Flexible public lighting will create many entertainment places for night’s life, create an attractive mark for the city, increase the value and the wealthy of the city. This new sense is now developing more and more in the world. The era of information, television and transport facilities let people easy know other cities, they can compare and require better thing for their own cities. Most residential areas have been identified and launched the light program.

More general about this control center system is public lighting managers who have devices to control well public lighting system to achieve the goal of supplying lighting quality at a highest level and possible lowest cost.

Investment effect is expressed by technical effect and management effect and economic effect.
Above selected technical solution will bring one new technical standard in public lighting field in Vietnam: lighting and managing remotely. This technical standard bases on connecting network transferring data from lighting system’s devices to Center and Control Center can manage to each lighting point of the system.

One new technique used in this project is transferring information through low-voltage power grid with different carrier wave frequencies. So we will save much because we don’t need to install information cable and dig the street.

The working process can be outline as follows:

  • The Center record, process the information (such as the photocell, real regional weather forecasts, events, festivals in the region).
  • Then The Center send system commands (to individual light, individual Area control cabinet) as On/off mode, saving mode.
  • At the same time The Center always collect technical data to check the status of operation of the system and give the alarm if problems occur.

Applying new technique will help the system operate more effective, bases on received data and quick and accurate actions.

  • Quick: The system will work more efficiently if the speed of collecting information and speed of response action are fast. At the control network, the collection of information in lighting system and control occurs with power transmission speed.
  • Accurate : Because collecting information’s work recorded by the machine, the data will be accurate and objective. Moreover, control-man at Center directly tracks information, processes information so he can have the right decision.

Example : Now, if a street have a problem such as lighting at day or off at night, it will take a time until Sapulico receive problem information from patrol surveillance teams, from the maintenance team, from the residential then repair works start (the accuracy of the information, the quality of information ??...). With new technique, the center will be alarmed through network and power supply will be cut off at Light control cabinet within some minutes. Then repair works will be executed immediately, quickly so that the resident cannot realise. In addition we actively repair the near-damaged equipment group bases on collecting statistics of device history.

Not only in technique, but also in management we have a big improvement because managing datum are always updated:

  • Manage each object individually.
  • Manage accurately the amount of consume power to compare with Power Company’s electric bill.
  • Export irregular or regular report for unscheduled repairs, the maintenance plan, updated data management or inventory materials management.
  • Especially, we can manage exactly the life of each device to have a reasonable and effective development strategy.

The project after launching will bring economic-financial effects,  reflected in financial savings. Savings is savings in investment, saving power consumption and savings in system maintenance. Before going into detailed analysis of savings, looking over the last few data points is necessary:

-    Because of controlling illuminance flexibly to demand, we can reduce much light pollution to the natural environment.
-    Furthermore, thanks to controlling the brightness of the lights and power consumption, we can reduce the energy put into the environment which causes the greenhouse effect.
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